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About HealthPerx Plus

What is HealthPerx Plus?

Our staff at HealthPerx Plus’ affiliates have been active in the development, design and servicing of insured and supplemental savings products for over 33 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are here to help you decide what programs best suit your needs and how to use them to give you the maximum benefit.

HealthPerx Plus’ affiliates have contracted directly with the largest and most respected networks in the United States with over 90 million members. This buying power has served our members well helping them afford to get the treatments they need to stay healthy.

Our member’s benefit from savings that previously was available only to large companies with tens of thousands of employees.

As a HealthPerx Plus member you have direct access to the very best of facilities and providers in the country. We provide you with ongoing feedback on who our members say are the best dentists, oral surgeons, vision providers, medical diagnostic facilities, pharmaceutical providers and psychological and legal counselors.

The testimonials from actual HealthPerx Plus members speak for themselves.