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 Dental Benefits Information

How to use your dental benefit

To locate a participating dental practitioner in your area you can select from the provider directly booklet, or call toll-free at 1(855)444-7379.

Prices with Dental Discount Benefit

Savings will vary depending on your dentist and what he/she provides. For example, under the Carrington network, dentists will provide any of the following discount plans:

Care 500 Series Plan (C500)

Our Care 500 Series Plan has a national provider network of over 60,000 dental locations. You can save 20% to 60% on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals, and crowns. The Care 500 Series offers our deepest discounts to our members.

Full Fee Schedule

To learn more about dental discount plans please visit:
Understanding Dental Discount Plans