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Prescription Drug Benefits Prescription Drug Benefit

The cost of prescription drugs is one of the primary contributors to the exploding cost of health care today. As a HealthPerx Plus Member, you can expect average savings of approximately 17% to 80% off normal retail purchase prices on most prescription drugs purchased through the largest pharmacy chains. Your HealthPerx Plus Online and Mail Service will usually provide for Savings of 3% to 8% in addition to the discounts available to our members through our Retail Pharmacies. Savings can range as high as 80%, but this will usually be on very low cost generic drugs.

The Pharmacy’s Special Sale Price

Retail pharmacies compete with other pharmacies in their area for business. Because of this situation, many highly utilized drugs are sold at very low profit margins every day by pharmacies competing for business and the opportunity for greater profits may be on other prescription drugs being used by members. In a situation where there is no additional discount available, a member may not save money on that particular prescription. In no case will a HealthPerx Plus for member pay more than the pharmacy’s most competitive price on the day the prescription is purchased.

How to Use Your In-Store Prescription Drug Savings Benefit

Take your HealthPerx Plus for Health Member card to a participating retail pharmacy with your written prescription from your doctor. The pharmacist will enter the prescription information into the online computer system and the in-store system will determine the discounted price of your prescription.

Participating Pharmacies

The HealthPerx Plus networks cover over 33,000 retail pharmacies. Your HealthPerx Plus program
reduces your costs for prescription drugs by negotiating discount rates with our networks of retail
pharmacies across the country. Included in the network are the following large chain pharmacies:

  • CVS

Access to discounts at participating retail pharmacies is available in virtually every neighborhood. These pharmacies include not only the national chain pharmacies but most of the smaller independent pharmacies that you may utilize. To find a pharmacy most convenient to you, visit our prescription plan provider search page or call the toll-free customer service number at 1-800-643-6108.

How to Use Your On-line Prescription Drug Discount Benefit

The pharmacy benefit manager web site strengthens your pharmacy benefit offering at the speed of light. Visit the site anytime for instant access to key information and you may link to the HealthPerx Plus Mail Order pharmacy site for 90 day prescription refills after you have filled your first prescription at the mail order pharmacy. Your first mail order pharmacy prescription must be mailed to the pharmacy using the information provided upon request from HealthPerx Plus Customer Service. Your HealthPerx Plus Online and Mail Service will usually provide for an additional discount of 3% to 8%.

How to Use Your Mail Service Prescription Drug Discount Benefit

HealthPerx Plus mail service pharmacies offer our members the convenience of home delivery, patient education materials and toll-free access to customer service representatives and registered pharmacists. So you can visit toll-free with one of our registered Pharmacists in regard to your prescription needs or related medical questions as the need arises. Members benefit in lower medication costs through mail service savings generated by lower maintenance medication costs, our efficient operations and substantial buying power.

(NOTE: Typically, the Mail Order Pharmacy provides the highest-level of benefit for those Members that require long-term medication. This benefit is not designed for prescriptions you need immediately.) Your HealthPerx Plus Online and Mail Service will usually provide for an additional discount of 3% to 8%. Due to the frequent fluctuation of prescription drug costs, price quotes are unavailable. Mail Orders require payment by credit card. Members should expect their credit card charge for a 90 day supply to be a little less than the cost of three retail prescriptions. To take advantage of your mail order prescription drug benefit, call HealthPerx Plus Customer Service for the form you will need to complete, 1-800-643-6108, send your prescription, a completed Mail Order form, along with your credit card information to our mail service and on-line pharmacy partner at the address listed on the form. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment via first class mail or UPS. Please allow 7 to 14 days to receive your prescription(s).