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Information for Seniors

When Medicare is Not Enough

Dental and Vision Health Facts for Seniors

  • Medicare as well as most supplement plans – provide few, if any Dental or Vision benefits.
  • Many older Americans do not have dental insurance. Often these benefits are lost when they retire.
  • 90% of medical illnesses, including osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and respiratory infection, have an oral manifestation.
  • 3% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. result from oral cancer. These cancers are primarily diagnosed in the elderly. These can be caught early with routine dental checkups.
  • Vision and Hearing Loss can contribute to Senility.
  • Aging eyes need special care, but seniors don’t always get it.

What Can I Do to Maintain my Oral Health?

  • It is important to see your dentist on a regular basis, even if you have no natural teeth and have dentures
  • Professional care helps to maintain the overall health of the teeth and mouth, and provides for early detection of pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions.
  • Sudden changes in taste and smell should not be considered signs of aging, but should be a sign to seek professional care.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Careful tooth brushing and flossing to reduce dental plaque can help prevent periodontal disease.

Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association and American Dental Hygienists Association